Photojournal - Gen Con Indy 2009

(a.k.a. "It's funny to take pictures of Sean sleeping")

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Wow, what a show!

Last year, a bunch of us Paizo peeps flew out at the crack of dawn on the Wednesday before the show, gathering at Wes's place at midnight to hang out, nap, and take a shuttle to the airport. Roommate circumstances meant that wouldn't happen this year, so Wes picked up me, James Jacobs, and James Sutter at about 2:30 a.m. to take us to his place and wait for the shuttle to arrive at 3:45 a.m. We were short on sleep...

... but we were expecting big things from Gen Con this year, as it was the release of our Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, and there was a LOT of buzz about it--except for what we were bringing to Gen Con to sell, the entire print run had been ordered, accounted for, and shipped into the distribution and retail channels, mainly from preorders and peripheral excitement.

Of course, every journey has its strange tales. Ours included this oddly-named store in the Cincinatti, Ohio, airport:

I have no explanation for that.

Eventually, we arrived in Indianapolis, took a cab to the hotel, picked up our badges, and went to the Paizo booth--which was already assembled and stocked because the rest of the Paizo Gen Con team had arrived a day or two earlier. Most ominous was this shrouded shape in the middle of the booth...

... which of course was our available stock of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. No, that's not a table covered in books, that's boxes of the books stacked into a "table". Altogether we brought at least 100 copies to the show...

... and here's that same megastack of books, with the top ones uncovered for browsing and purchase (yes, "at least 100 copies is a silly joke, obviously it was much more than that, but we aren't telling).

A view of the main product wall of our booth. Newest Pathfinder Adventure Path (Bastards of Erebus, written by Yours Truly), Pathfinder Module Crypt of the Everflame (by Jason Bulmahn), Bonus Bestiary, and the first licensed PFRPG product (Tome of Secrets) on the left side; Pathfinder Chronicles (my babies) middle top; Pathfinder Companion (also my babies) middle bottom; PF minis to the right of that; PF item cards (heh heh) to the right of that; earlier Pathfinder Adventure Paths on the far right. I'm told we couldn't put the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook on these metal racks because the book is so heavy it would break them, thus the Big Black Stack. Also, you can tell that this picture is actually from Wednesday because James Sutter (red shirt) and Wes Schneider (just past him) are in civilian clothes rather than our Paizo convention shirts.

So, how popular was the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook? Well, let's take a look at a still photo with everyone crowded around and the Paizo staff doing a lot of book signings:

And here is a YouTube video of people rushing in as soon as the show opened to nab a copy.

And here is a video of me walking the entire line, which ran completely around the booth and (for a short time) out past the artist's area and near the restrooms.

Crazy! We sold a ton of books and were a bit overwhelmed, but quite pleased that everyone was so enthusiastic about all the work we had done. And by "we" I of course mean me, and not Jason Bulmahn at all. J/K, man! :).

Anyway, we were really, really busy. We didn't sell every single copy that we brought, but we were still very happy with what we sold. We were busy enough that I didn't have a lot of time to wander around and take cool pictures, but I'll share what I have.

I'm mainly posting this guy for Pierce Watters's benefit:

This is a cool giant yeti mini from Crocodile Games, apparently a part of their yeti faction:

Okay, this part totally kicks ass. I have a Politics section of my message boards, and there's this guy who goes by the name of Tzu Theory. He often took the conservative side when we discussed things, and he's a smart fellow and a gamer. Turns out he's also a soldier, and got shipped off to Iraq a couple years ago. And then got in the way of an IED. He sent us photos from the hospital of his head wound, serious stuff. He stopped in now and then and gave us updates on his physical therapy and how he was doing. So, anyway, I'm at Gen Con, and this guy walks up to me and says, "Sean, we've never met, but I just wanted to say hi, I'm Tzu Theory." I was floored and amazed. I introduced him to the other Paizo people at the booth, and I think they were equally surprised and amazed. He looked and sounded great, and showed us the scar on the back of his head. Dude, grats on your recovery, it was great to meet you in person, and thank you for putting your life on the line in the service of our country. Here's a picture of me and this classy gamer veteran:

Ok, more random pics. Here's a guy with an excellent Captain America costume:

The Paizo crew and my "brother," Wayne Reynolds (L to R Sarah Robinson, Wayne Reynolds, Wes Schneider, James Sutter, and James Jacobs):

And here are a couple of tieflings. Are they from Cheliax? Who knows!

Here's Wes, James, me, and Sarah using James's iPhone to read the Pathfinder Review on (how weird is that?) at the Werecabbages dinner:

Other Paizo news: Paizo is partnering with Reaper Miniatures to produce officially licensed Pathfinder miniatures. This is awesome because the people at Reaper are great--they even had sculptors at the show, sculpting minis for Amiri (Paizo iconic barbarian), Valeros (Paizo iconic fighter, he's on the cover of the PFRPG), and others. And I'm hoping hoping that we'll be able to see some other cool Pathfinder characters made into minis, and minis of the Pathfinder versions of monsters appearing in the Bestiary.

Other non-Paizo news: I met a really awesome girl at the show and she is now my girlfriend. Here's a pic Wes took of us as the Paizo people were checking out of their hotel:

Plus, I got to spend a little time with Monte Cook, Charles Ryan, Keri, JD, the Werecabbages, various Paizo writers, but mostly it was work work work! :P

All in all, it was an exciting but tiring show, especially as our flight out got canceled and we had to spend an extra day in Indy. By the time we got to the airport Tuesday morning, I was so tired I was nodding off in my chair, with my bandana over my face to block out the light:

That's it from me, but be sure to check the Paizo blog for other cool Gen Con news and pics sent live from the show by Paizo staff!