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Welcome to Blades of Faerûn, where I create a magical weapon for each of the faiths of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. I also show how I priced the items so that people can learn how to price such things (the pricing explanation is below the picture ... you may have to scroll down to see it if the picture is big). While specifically created for the Forgotten Realms, there's no reason why you can't file the serial numbers off of the item and use it in your game for a similar deity.

I plan to do these weapons for the "top 30" deities listed in the FR campaign setting (those are the same ones listed on this page) before considering others.

A grayed-out listing means I haven't written the weapon yet and no link exists to the weapon's page. You can find Portuguese translations of some of these items at the D&D Brasil site ... because of the way their frames are set up, you have to follow that link, then click "Artigos", "Miscelānia", and finally "Armas dos Deuses de Forgotten" (Weapons of the Gods of FR).

The Arcane Blade ... a longsword of Azuth's faith

Fear's Firebrand ... a longsword of Bane's faith

Culler of Chaff ... a scythe of Chauntea's faith

Murder's Eye ... a longsword of Cyric's faith

Moonlight's Song ... a bastard sword of Eilistraee's faith

Forge's Clamor ... a "short sword" of Gond's faith

Price of Vigilance ... a bastard sword of Helm's faith

Cruelty's Nemesis ... a kama (or a mace) of Ilmater's faith

Death's Judgement ... a bastard sword of Kelemvor's faith

Purity of the Inferno ... a rapier of Kossuth's faith

Voice of Dawn ... a mace/halfspear of Lathander's faith

Kiss of the Dark Spider ... a rapier of Lolth's faith

The Point of Anger ... a claw bracer of Malar's faith

Thief of the Light ... a longsword (?) of Mask's faith

Champion of Autumn ... a scimitar (and then some) of Mielikki's faith

Agent of the Gift ... a longsword of Mystra's faith

Moonsilver ... a short sword of Selûne's faith

Inspired to War ... a longsword of Oghma's faith

Midnight's Secret ... a short sword of Shar's faith

Air Walker ... a greatsword of Shaundakul's faith

Balance Point ... a shortspear of Silvanus' faith

Heart of the Enemy ... a rapier of Sune's faith

Thunderstrike ... a spear of Talos' faith

Glorious Victory ... a battleaxe of Tempus's faith

Talathar's Armor ... a greatsword of Torm's faith

Ghost of a Chance ... a longsword of Tymora's faith

The Righteous Arm of Justice ... a longsword of Tyr's faith

Harsh Mistress ... a trident of Umberlee's faith

Voice of the Spirits ... a weapon of Uthgar's faith

Glory of Gold ... a dagger of Waukeen's faith