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Droo Darkforge: Male dwarf Ftr8/Rog3; Medium-size humanoid; HD 8d10+40, 3d6+15; hp 119; Init +5 (Dex, Improved Initiative); Spd 15 ft. (in armor); AC 23 (touch 11, flat-footed 22); Atk +16/ +11 melee (1d6+7/x3, Tjorlu's +2 battle axe); or +11 ranged (1d8/19-20/x2, light crossbow); or +13/+8 melee (1d4+1, arm spikes); or +11 ranged (1d4, arm grappling hook); SA sneak attack (+2d6); SQ evasion, search for traps, uncanny dodge, dwarven traits; AL LN; SV Fort +12, Ref +6, Will +7; Str 16, Dex 12, Con 20, Int 11, Wis 15, Cha 7. Height 3 ft. 10 in., Weight 158 lbs.
    Skills and Feats: Climb +5, Intuit Direction +3, Profession (gambler) +3, Hide +14, Intimidate +2, Jump +3, Listen +10, Spot +12; Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Sunder, Weapon Focus (battle axe), Weapon Specialization (battle axe).
    Magic items: ring of regeneration, +2 dwarven full plate, golden +1 small steel shield of fire resistance, silver dragon medal of Jhure (feather fall 1/day), silver beetle amulet (translator, +3 bonus to saves vs. poison), Tjorlu's +2 battle axe, Valtar's +1 battle axe, cloak of elvenkind, god orb #1
    Gear: tunic, breeches, hard boots, fighting belt, mechanical arm, jeweled bracelet (matched ones owned by Sevet, Yun Fa, Tryant, Heruman, and Connor Ashtongue), triangular undead mask, trail rations.
    Money: 75 pp, 59 gp, 35 sp, 620 gp worth of gems, 21" jade statue of a cat (holds 50 coins).

    Droo trained as an ambush fighter against derro in the deep tunnels of the dwarven nation of Lapis Lazuli, letting other dwarves lure his racial enemies to his position and then smashing the hell out of them when they got close enough. He came to the capital of the empire of Arveniar with the intent of seeing more of the world, and has traveled across much of is southeastern quadrant in pursuit of glory and treasure.
    Droo is gruff, stoic, and holds a grudge. He keeps a list of people that he needs to punch in the face, and members of his own adventuring party have been on that list from time to time. He loves mustard pastries, a dwarven delight, and his battle cry is "Death to derro!"
    Droo was turned to stone by a medusa and one of her minions broke off his left arm. When restored to flesh, the arm failed to reattach, but Droo was fortunate to encounter the gnome artificer Quillfen in the city, who made him a replacement arm made of metal. The arm has two buttons on the back of the hand, on which extends or retracts metal spikes from the knuckles, the other which fires one of the spikes as a grappling device up to 60 ft. away, which has allowed him to get out of tough situations more quickly than his slow legs would normally allow.
    As the physically hardiest member of the group, Droo's job in a fight is to take punishment while the rest beat down whatever is causing it. Unfortunately, he is so slow (especially compared to his monk and barbarian friends) that he's often the last to get to the big monster, arriving just as other members of the group are about to fall. His speed also means that lesser minions tend to surround him, so he developed an excellent combination of Power Attack and Great Cleave, and has been known to slay all eight people surrounding him with just two swings of his axe.
    Droo is very short for a dwarf but powerfully built. His hair is red and his eyes are gray. The Darkforge clas is a relatively young clan in Lapis Lazuli, so Droo hopes that his adventures will build a reputation for himself and his clan, increasing its status. Fortunately, his utter lack of diplomacy skills and a refusal to ever lie means that he tends to get in a lot of fights and has plenty of opportunities to prove his mettle.
    Because of his involvement in the destruction of the purple worms summoned to attack the mushroom city of Jhure, Droo is a hero of that city and has been made an honorary member of one of the noble houses there. Droo bears an amulet with the silver dragon insignia of Jhure, which he wears at all times (except when he thinks his other amulet's powers are needed). The amulet allows him to fall safely, which makes his habit of jumping out of high windows (because it would take him too long to climb down the stairs) much safer.