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This character is copyright 2001 Jeff Quick.

 Sevet: Male elf Bbn9/Ftr1; Medium-size humanoid (elf); HD 9d12+9, 1d10+1; hp 97; Init +9; Spd 40 ft.; AC 22 (touch 15, flat-footed 22); Atk +13/ +8 melee (1d8+5/17-20/x2, Turindar); or +15/+10 ranged (1d8/x3, longbow); SA rage 3x/day; SQ elven traits, fast movement, uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to AC, can't be flanked); AL CG; SV Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +2; Str 16, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 12. Height 5 ft. 5 in.
    Skills and Feats: Climb +14, Intimidate +12, Jump +14, Knowledge (nature) +2, Listen +6, Literacy, Search +3, Spot +6, Swim +7, Wilderness Lore +5; Dodge, Improved Critical (longsword), Improved Initiative, Mobility, Power Attack.

    Possessions: Sevet goes through clothing and equipment like water through a sieve. He doesn't care about his belongings, and treats them harshly, wearing things out or using them up at a nearly wasteful pace. At any given time, he usually has one set of clothes, a backpack, a knife, paper, ink, quills, and rations in various states of spoilage. His friend Droo carries his money, supplying it when he wants to buy something.
    He also carries a long bow with some highly variable number of arrows. He wears battered elven chainmail and a magical leaf cloak: a huge, tough, single leaf connected to his body which can cover him for protection from elements or blows.

    Sevet's best, toughest possesson is a magic elven longsword named Turindar. One of twelve ancient elven swords, Turindar is a +2 longsword. The sword allows the wielder to cast dimension door, feather fall, and spider climb on him or herself once per day. Also, at will, the wielder can cast detect evil and see invisibility. More sensitive elves swoon in disbelief at Sevet's rough treatment of such elven finery.
    Other items include a wooden mask taken from an abandoned monastery, a necklace Sevet makes from dead enemies' finger bones, and a medalion from Jhure that allows him to cast feather fall on himself once per day.

    Appearance: Wiry and lean, Sevet is mildly handsome in spite of himself. Burn scars cover his face and body from an ill-considered encounter with a bonfire. He usually has numerous small cuts and bruises that he can't remember receiving.
    When not wearing armor, Sevet's rough leather clothes consist of cannon-style breeches, a jerkin, moccasins, and little else. His dirty blonde hair is a shaggy mane, with complicated braids in various places. This is a tradition of his tribe: Before trancing every night, Leavers braid some portions of their hair, and unbraid others in a complex personal calendar. Those who know how to read Leaver hair can tell the season, the phase of the moon, the wearer's age, and the times of any special events in the wearer's life.

    Background: Sevet was born and raised in tribe of self-proclaimed "primitive" elves who left the elven capital of Silaquiel two generations ago claiming an irreconcilable distaste for the politicized elven court and stifling elven civilization. They chose to live wild and simply in the forest, building rude wooden platforms high in the trees as home.
    The tribe call themselves "Leavers" but the Silaquiel elves have a longer name for them, "Tarenvelsenad," which, roughly translated, means, "those who forego an obvious good for reasons of pride." The name is also tied up in elven historical and poetic metaphor, and carries a derogatory, pitying undertone. All of which, the Leavers claim, is a sad example of the city elves' pedantic, oppressive civilization, exactly the kind of thing they wanted to get away from in the first place. Though the name is accurate in many ways, Leavers take serious offense at it.
    Upon reaching adulthood, the Leaver druids told Sevet to go experience the larger world. They chose for him to go to the metropolitan city of Retheq during the birthday celebration of the humans' king, and only return with a token of wisdom. This is quite the rite of passage for Sevet, as he doesn't know what a token of wisdom is or how to find one. So he keeps that bit to himself, while gathering memorable trinkets from wise people or significant experiences he's had. This is complicated since he keeps destroying or losing them.

    Roleplaying Notes: Reckless and unrefined, Sevet has no filter between thought and action. He does things quickly, often before thinking them through, sometimes without even announcing his intentions. Sevet is not dumb however, just foolish. He's as capable as anyone of coming up with a smart plan. He's just less likely to do it because he rarely slows down to think. As he gains experience, this tendency is changing. Having watched his friend, Droo, a dwarven fighter, Sevet is beginning to understand the value of subtlety and precision in combat.
    Experience is also leading Sevet to accept civilized people more. He continues to denounce civilization itself, of course, as living freely in the forest in a life of hunting, fighting, and writing poetry is clearly superior. But civilized people might turn out to be merely misled, rather than stupid.
    Despite practiced barbarism, Sevet retains some elven peculiarities: he likes poetry, is slightly piteous of non-elves, prefers a longsword over more damaging weapons, and hates drow and orcs.
    Sevet is still young for an elf, and not a wise person. He speaks bluntly, as all Leavers do, but tactlessly, which not all Leavers do. When he doesn't understand a thing, he becomes angry and yells. Reckless combat will, of course, alleviate this anger.
    Sevet's full elven name is Serenvethallon, which means "river that runs outside its boundaries." Sevet hates his full name, seeing it as an artifact of useless elven society. He will be angry with anyone who finds out or uses his full name. He uses the shortened version exclusively which translates to "riverrun" in Common.