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Names of the Red Wizards

Lords of Darkness, a book I co-wrote for the Forgotten Realms, contains details on a Red Wizard enclave in the city of Proskur. I had created names, levels, and class choices for all 70-odd wizard members of the enclave, but they were cut from the book. I put a lot of work into coming up with a lot of unique and believable Thayan names, so I'm posting them here.

    12th-level (1): Chathin Zurn (LE female human Enc9/Red3)
    11th-level (1): Metoth Ankhalab (LE male human Tra10/Red1)
    10th-level (1): Torisk Haut (LN female human Ill9/Red1)
    9th-level (1): Murith Garas (LN female human Abj8/Red1)
    8th-level (1): Aloth Kakanos (N male human Enc8)
    7th-level (2): Mumsesk Ashaban (LN male human Div7), Urhun Kren (NE male human Nec7)
    6th-level (3): Nephlas Phetoril (N female human Cjr6), Ramshan Doon (LE male human Ill6), Tholan Ankh (LE female human Enc6)
    5th-level (4): Barer Zavarri (LN male human Tra5), Demtra Fahn (NE female human Enc5), Thazal Tabar (NE male human Ill5), Umara Zaxim (NE female human Abj5)
    4th-level (5): Dachan Vrass (LN female human Ill4), Kezarn Skuld (LN male human Ill4), Lutz Anskuld (N male human Tra4), Shopehk Nul (LE female human Tra4), Sopsek Zan (NE male human Abj4)
    3rd-level (12): Azar Anskuld (LN male human Evoc3), Charolk Shebala (LN female human Abj3), Chorin Koth (LN female human Div3), Hesla Yazir (LN female human Tra3), Khobbes Phet (LE male human Abj3), Naoli Dresk (LN female human Cjr3), Nularis Sephret (LE female human Tra3), Phapay Thrakt (NE male human Div3), Sorander Flass (NE male human Nec3), Tezaal Trooz (N female human Enc3), Tola Uuthrakt (LE female human Ill3), Yathil Dakros (LE female human Ill3)
    2nd-level (15): Arzira Anskuld (NE female human Ill2), Askira Pheng (NE female human Tra2), Chavhan Thrusk (LE male human Cjr2), Doorus Akhar (LN male human Enc2), Eskut Seph (LN male human Tra2), Kalis Haph (NE male human Nec2), Lallara Nuln (LN female human Abj2), Murasti Khosk (LN female human Cjr2), Nagalat Sekron (LN female human Ill2), Nemiyen Zim (N female human Evo2), Nephos Khal (LN male human Div2), Phelli Thurn (LN female human Div2), Umlara Tark (NE female human Tra2), Urhuk Rhyn (N male human Abj2), Zolish Buvarn (NE female human Enc2)
    1st-level (24): Arithi Ariz (LN female human Abj1), Azzan Zim (LN male human Tra1), Dehar Varn (LE male human Ill1), Dihara Zhoon (NE female human Div1), Kezan Tam (LNfemale human Tra1), Lauth Mashar (LE male human Div1), Marnen Tam (NE male human Abj1), Marziima Shen (LN female human Abj1), Moropha Focar (LN female human Enc1), Neheli Anskaal (LN female human Enc1), Neros Uuhiek (NE male human Evo1), Neveron Fesk (LE male human Enc1), Novaal Sheptresk (LN male human Cjr1), Nula Thand (N female human Enc1), Phedras Kurm (NE male human Ill1), Phefren Phesk (LN female human Cjr1), Raxen Kren (LE female human Ill1), Rhopa Ansalab (LN female human Nec1), Sask Buvaar (LE male human Abj1), Seshin Daraam (NE female human Div1), Skira Khalastep (N female human Div1), Thethet Fezim (LN female human Tra1), Thunstal Vorn (LN male human Cjr1), Zokala Thrul (LE female human Cjr1)