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Ghostwalk Characters

Ghostwalk is the first game I ran after I started painting miniatures. As a result, many of the minis I painted were done so they could be used in the playtest. Since then, the minis I have collected have been collected with the intent of using them with an eventual campaign using the book (just like how Monte Cook tends to collect minis for use in his two Ptolus games). As an effort to produce more D20 content for my site, as I posted my painted minis I made up character stats for them (and for eventual use in my own game).

So, the characters in this list fall into three categories:

The playtest characters are in the Ghostwalk web enhancement. Obviously group 2 is in the book and I won't be reposting them on my site, but I'm free and clear for those in group 3. :) (There are a few things in the Characters section that are similar to those in group 2, but tweaked so they fit in group 3 so I can have more game content on my site ... those things are not listed here.)

The following are NPCs I've written for my eventual Ghostwalk campaign (none of these characters use material from the book, so they're useable in an D&D campaign).
4/18/03 Dras' Shield Guardian - an advanced shield guardian, owned by a magic-shop wizard in Ghostwalk's city of Manifest. (Monster)
Denzaak the Heart-Eater, a big spectre. (NPC)
A couple of fiendish orc fighters. (NPCs)
Idras "the Green Gloom", an incorporeal hired killer. (NPC)
Novorin, a centaur ranger. (NPC)
Shoma, a half-fiend human fighter. (NPC)
Shamoth, a half-fiend human fighter. (NPC)
Gabrilan, paladin of a death god. (NPC)
Fron, an undead hunter. (NPC)
Dalakarg the Ravager, a demonic general serving Orcus. (NPC)