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Saberhagen's Twelve Swords (2E version)

Fred Saberhagen wrote a series of books about some god-forged swords that changed the face of the world. It's a cool series of books and the swords were really neat. As presented in the books, each sword would be an artifact of incredible power. In an old 2E AD&D game I ran, I didn't want them to be quite that powerful, so I decided that in my world, a native wizard would have heard of the story of the swords and recreated them as best he could (which means that their powers don't quite match what the book swords did, as I took some artistic license in the conversion). Thus, I would have non-artifact swords in my game.

These are the 2E AD&D writeups of the swords. I will convert them to 3E D&D when I get around to it (both the artifact version and the non-artifact version, and make them as accurate as possible) but for now this will have to do.

The formatting of this file is weird (spell names are capitalized, for example) because this used to be a .txt document on my old ftp site and I'm too lazy to convert it properly (especially when I'm just going to redo the whole thing anyway). This guy has his own 3E conversion of the swords, check it out, since I haven't done mine yet. :)

The swords are copyrighted by Fred Saberhagen and this conversion is not a challenge to his ownership of these concepts.

The Twelve Swords of Fred Saberhagen

    All Swords are longswords, and have a strange pattern on the blade that draws the eyes in and seems to go much deeper than the blade's actual thickness.  They save as hard metal +5.  Unless otherwise stated, the Swords have a +2 bonus to hit and damage.
    Any creature with hands, a sentient mind, and the strength to lift one can use a Sword, whether in combat or for its special purpose.  Non-proficiecy penalties still apply.

Acts as a Potion of Treasure Finding when held, except that:
    Points out quickest path to treasure rather than directly
    The Sword will quiver when pointed in the correct direction to travel
Wielder always attacks first every round (unless surprised).
Sword can teleport away.

The wielder is protected as if he were the recipient of a Spell Turning spell (all spells are reflected upon the caster so long as the Sword is drawn).
The Sword will negate all the attacks of one particular creature per round, but the wielder is unable to attack that creature while doing do.
The Sword is +3 to hit and damage.
Protection from normal missiles

Dices dead dragons into 1 pound chunks, bones and all.  There is no way to stop the Sword from doing this other than knocking out the wielder.
The Sword acts as a Sword of Slaying All Dragons.
Versus dragons it is +4 and does triple damage.

On command, it will change itself into a lance +4 of any size.  It will do double damage to any hated enemy of the wielder.
On command, it will change itself into a +4 two-handed sword.  It will do double damage to any hated enemy of the wielder.
The wielder may attack anyone with 100 feet as if he were in melee (the victim cannot attack likewise).

Wielder can read the thoughts of any he can see when the Sword is drawn, save those protected against this.
The wielder is protected by a Mind Blank at all times.
The wielder's Charisma is raised by 4 for all those who see him with the Sword drawn.  This lasts 1 month.
Charm Person or Charm Monster once a day, Save at -4.
Acts as a Sword of Wounding.

Automatically destroys any portable nonliving item used to defend an opponent, such as shields, parrying weapons, shield spells, etc.  This is regardless of the enchantments upon or nature of the item.  The wielder's first attack is used to do this.
This Sword is +5 to hit and damage.
Can use an attack to destroy an opponent's weapon - no save.  This includes magic weapons, missiles, and spells.  Each destruction uses 1 attack.

The wielder receives the benefits of Non-Detection, Invisibility, and True Seeing.
If the wielder attacks, Invisibility is canceled, but the others are not.

This Sword acts as a Maul of the Titans, Mattock of the Titans, and a Spade of Colossal Excavation as concerning earth and stone.
Stonecutter does triple damage against creatures made of or covered with stone (stone giants, stone golems, xorn, gorgons, etc.).

The Sword acts as a Nine Lives Stealer.
All within a 30' radius are struck by a Ray of Enfeeblement each round the Sword is drawn.

This Sword is +3 to hit and damage.  It also gives a +3 bonus to armor class.
The wielder will regenerate all types of damage at a rate of 10 points per round if defending those who would otheriwse be defenseless (unconscious people do not qualify).

The following powers may be called upon when the Sword is drawn and the power is called.
    Will act as a Wand of Magic Detection or Wand of Enemy Detection.
    Will act as an Arrow of Direction.
    Find any object with a Locate Object spell.

The following powers may be used once a day each:
    Cure Critical, Serious, or Light Wounds
    Cure Blindness, Deafness, Disease, or Insanity
    Slow Poison or Neutralize Poison
The following powers may be used once a week each.
Woundhealer is -5 to hit and does no damage except for the wielder's strength bonus.