Bounties for Monsters

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(You can view this article in Hungarian on the Rejtett Uradalom site.)

    The question came up on my message boards a while ago, and I thought I'd repost it as an article so it wouldn't get lost.

    Question: What is an appropriate bounty for monsters?

    Remember that for killing a monster, adventurers are already being rewarded in terms of XP and gp (for its treasure). So bounties should be low, since you don't want to reward them twice for the same effort. As a rough guideline, start with 1 gp for CR 1 monsters and double it every CR after that. So a CR 4 leucrotta would be 1x2x2x2 = 8 gp, which can easily be rounded off to 10 gp. It sounds like a huge number to the many many low-level adventurers and peasants out there, when really it's not a lot of money in terms of adventurers above about 3rd level. It's basically a "signing bonus" for killing the monster.

    For treasureless monsters you can be more generous, since the party isn't getting a primary gp award for killing the monster. But in general, bounties should be low. People who need the money will go for it, and those who don't need the money might do it anyway just to show they can take care of the problem. It also encourages low-level characters to take on more challenging creatures.