Feat Point System

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Hi, I guess you're here for the feat point system I wrote in 2003.

Well, I've deleted the page for it and replaced it with this.

Some people have taken it upon themselves to tear this thing apart, as if it were my magnum opus and I think it is the Best Thing Ever.

Actually, it was a variant rule I thought up (for the D&D 3.0 ruleset) in a couple of hours while commuting to work on a train, with the intent of messing with the idea that all feats cost exactly the same amount ("1 feat unit"). It wasn't trying to solve any big problems with the game. It was just an speculative experiment.

Yes, the feat point numbers in that speculative experiment are off, and we've all had an additional 11 years (and two revisions of the game) to think about how much value the various feats should have relative to each other, plus hundreds of new feats and spells in various sources that skew the value of those Player's Handbook feats in the context of the entire game.

Some people go out of their way to be insulting and rude about this speculative experiment. If you want to do so, I'm sure you can find someone who has it or a link on the Wayback Machine to the original post. But I'm not going to leave pumpkins out on the porch (as old and quickly-carved as they may be) just so you can smash them.

Thanks, and have a good day!