Sean's College PBEM Game

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Back when I was in college, I didn't have a group to play D&D with. I did have internet access, though, and made contact with other gamers online in the D&D newsgroup. I joined a play-by-email (PBEM) game by a guy whose name I can't remember and found it fun, although that game fell apart quickly. One of the other players, a guy named Mark Verdek (who happens to live in Seattle ... we've kept in contact via email this whole time ... I met him for the first time in the summer of 2001), started up his own PBEM, and he invited me to join. I played a tailor-turned-fighter named Brugar. I enjoyed the game (it's still going on as of 10/12/2001, although I had to drop out of it due to lack of time when I took my job with TSR) and decided to start up my own.

I made a post to the D&D newsgroup and said I was starting a PBEM. That PBEM ended up lasting about three years. Shorltly after the game started one of the players had to bow out temporarily for personal reasons. I told her I would play her character and keep logs of the events until she was able to return. She never did return to the game, but her absence meant that I have logs of all of the posts I made to the group. So, hey, time to post it!

Introductory email I sent to the people that responded to my newsgroup post.
Chapter 1: The Story of New Galloway. The heroes investigate a strange series of kidnappings in a village
Chapter 2: The Pirate Map. The heroes try to learn more about the mysterious map they found. A special thanks to Carthain for doing the grunt work for converting my original RTF file to HTML.
Chapter 3: The Pirate Cave. The discovery of the pirate's cave and its exploration. Ditto.
Chapter 4: The Mystery of the Children. The heroes learn of several kidnappings in London under strange circumstances.
Chapter 5: The Hills of Hitchin. The heroes follow an augury north that they believe will lead them to an old enemy.

(More chapters to come later because it takes a while to redraw the maps and stuff from ASCII into JPG format ... and I have to admit that I haven't converted the maps for chapter 5 yet so they're still in ASCII.)