Variant Sor/Wiz Skills

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A fellow named Kevin R. Conk wrote to me about my site and had a couple of suggestions for variant class skills for sorcerers and wizards.

I thought the idea was interesting, and though I'm not 100% ready to buy off on it yet, I thought I'd post it, because I do like the idea, and I think I'll eventually endorse it.

To paraphrase Kevin:

    "Sorcerers should have Use Magic Device as a class skill. After all, with the current rules, an exceptionally skilled rogue can use this skill to fool a holy avenger, but a sorcerer, with an innate talent for magic, can't?

    "Wizards should have Decipher Script as a class skill. They are supposed to be the booksmart ones who frequent libraries ... who better (other than possibly bards) to have a chance at understanding passages of a foreign language text?"