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This part of my site is where I pick apart common arguments that I hear about gaming in general.
Some are more rantish than others. Enjoy.

1/13/13 "The dungeon wall is covered in bas reliefs!"
7/21/05 "Instead of Level Adjustment, use an XP penalty for powerful races like drow!"
9/17/04 "Armor should give damage reduction instead of armor class!""
2/16/04 "Keen and Improved Critical are too good if they stack!"
10/9/03 "Undead can see through all illusions!"
4/1/03 "I want rules for drow equipment decaying in sunlight!"
8/26/02 "Invisibility works by clouding peoples minds!"
8/5/02 "We need rules for called shots!"
2/17/02 "This gem has an enchantment...."
2/17/02 "Bring back demihuman level limits!"
11/1/01 "RPG products nowadays are too expensive!"
10/1/01 "We need official weapon speed rules for 3rd edition!"
6/1/01 "Infravision should be brought back for 3rd edition!"

Upcoming rants:
"Non-LG gods should have champions like paladins!"
"You ignored FR continuity when writing the FRCS!"
"Spellfire is broken!"
"The FR cosmology in the FRCS sucks!"
"You screwed up the city & country populations in the FRCS!"
(various rants on 3.5)
(rant about Empowered Turning)