Corrected Monster Deity Table for Faiths and Pantheons

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These are all corrections for the table on page 221 of Faiths & Pantheons.

Part 1: Corrections to the Favored Weapons

I don't know how these got messed up, but they're messed up in my original file, so I must have been drinking a lot at the time.
NameFavored Weapon
Annam (G)unarmed strike
Baphomet (L)greataxe
Diirinka (I)dagger
Great Mother (G)bite
Grolantor (I)club
Hiatea (G)spear
Hlal (Aasterinian) (L)bite
Hruggek (I)morningstar
Iallanis (L)unarmed strike
Ilsensine (G)tentacle (unarmed strike)
Kurtulmak (I)halfspear
Laogzed (D)javelin
Maglubiyet (G)battleaxe
Memnor (I)morningstar
Null (Chronepsis) (G)bite
Orcus (L)mace
Pazrael (L)claw (claw bracer)
Sekolah (L)trident
Skoraeus Stonebones (I)greatclub
Stronmaus (G)warhammer
Surtr (L)greatsword
Task (G)bite
Thrym (L)greataxe
Vaprak (D)greatclub

Part 2: Additional Monster Deities Which, In Retrospect, Should Have Been Included

(Argued very persuasively by Tom Rinschler)
Bahamut (L)LGbiteAir, Good, Law, Protection, Scalykindstar above a milky nebulagood dragons, windgood dragons
Khurgorbaeyag (L)NEscourgeEvil, Hatred, Suffering, Tyrannyred and yellow striped whipgoblins, slavery, oppression, moralegoblins
Shekinester (G)CE, LG, N*biteChaos, Destruction, Evil, Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection, Scalykindmask, mirror, or grain jarnagas, destruction, preservation, protectionnagas
Skerrit (L)NGspearAnimal, Good, Healing, Plant, Sunoak grwoing from acorncentaurs, communitycentaurs
Tapann (L)CNclubAnimal, Chaos, Earth, Family, Healinglaughing mouthkorreds, dancingkorreds
Yeenoghu (L)CEflail (dire, heavy, or light)Animal, Chaos, Evil, Moon, Strengthtriple flailgnolls, hunting, strengthgnolls
* Shekinester is a tripartate deity with three alignments. LG nagas worship her LG (protective) aspect, N nagas worship her N (wisdom-granting) aspect, and CE nagas worship her evil (destructive) aspect. Each aspect has her own holy symbol and grants access to the appropriate alignment domains.

Part 3: Other Stuff

Cut Blibdoolpoolp from the table.
See also the Replacement Monster Deities page.