Hungry Little Monsters - A Charity Project

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I'm happy to announce that Hungry Little Monsters, a PDF collection of monsters for the d20 system, will be on sale on August 15th, 2004.

Hungry Little Monsters  is a compilation project initiated by me to be a charity fundraiser for, a program to help feed the hungry. Or, to quote their mission statement:

"FOOD FOR ALL ® is a program of the Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger (FICAH), which is a voluntary effort of the food industry to alleviate hunger and malnutrition by fostering long-term, self-help solutions in the United States and around the world. In principle, FICAH and its FOOD FOR ALL programs teach a person to fish, rather than simply providing the person with fish. By doing this we promote human dignity and enable our hungry neighbors to become self-sufficient."

You may recognize the Food For All name ... they do the donation-cards you can buy in the supermarked checkout line. Since its founding, Food For All has invested over $30 million in the USA and worldwide.

Hungry Little Monsters features over 40 new monsters (each approximately one page long) for the d20 system. The theme for this book is "monsters for which you can use existing miniatures or tokens." Rather than a collection of bizarre-anatomy creatures that you can't represent with anything on your miniatures shelf or in a store, this book is full of creatures which you can represent in play with commonly-available miniatures or tokens. This is set up by a serious of monster archetypes -- corpses (skeletal or zombielike undead), fiends (your typical bat-winged demonic or devilish creature), humanoids, oozes, spirits (bodiless undead), and so on. Click here for a complete list of archetypes and examples of each.

This book is authored by volunteer members of the RPG industry, including myself, Dave Mattingly, Matt Forbeck, Scott Bennie, and Ed Greenwood, as well as a dozen other established game designers. Likewise, the editing and art will be donated as well. Hungry Little Monsters is being created entirely on volunteer time. The game material in the book is entirely open game content as defined by the Open Gaming License.

Hungry Little Monsters will be sold through as a PDF file (the price is currently undetermined, as we don't know exactly how many monsters and thus pages the book will be). All proceeds from this book will be donated to Food For All.

This is the second charity project I've coordinated (the first is Swords Into Plowshares, which raised about $1,400 for another charity). I feel it is important to give back to the community, and I want to thank everyone who is volunteering their time for this project. Your efforts are appreciated, and it is good to know that despite all of the conflicts in the world, people can still come together to help others in need.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.cover

If you would like to be notified when this project goes on sale, email me a request at and I'll put you on a special list just for that purpose (it's a live person reading the emails, not a listserver, so please say that you want to be on the charity mailing list) . Your email won't be used for anything else, and you'll only receive one email, after which I'll remove your name from the list.

Cover art by Gerald Lee

9/14 update: Gen Con preview PDF (1.3 MB PDF) ... four monsters premiered at Gen Con Indy 2004. Note: I had the original version of this PDF up on my site for downloading but it was so popular that it shot my bandwidth through the roof (1.6 GB in two days!) so I replaced that PDF with a lower-resolution one I slapped together in Microsoft Word. Don't let the simpler quality of this new PDF fool you ... the final book is a fully-typeset quality product. If you have the high-resolution PDF, feel free to pass it around, I want people to see it but it's counterproductive for me to pay huge bandwidth fees for a book that's going to charity.

8/6 update: Three HLM wallpaper: 1200x800

8/3 update: Hungry Little Monsters T-Shirts are now available! All profits go to, just like the PDFs. Anyone who buys a shirt gets a $2 discount coupon for the PDF.

8/2 update: Eighteen more illustration previews added (click the link below this).

7/21 update: Click here for a preview of the book's artwork.